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Volume 1

There are 42 accounts in Volume 1, all listed below. English translations for 14 of them can be read below. A complete translation of all 42 accounts plus the author's preface and a general introduction can be viewed or downloaded from the Word and PDF links above.

City God Exam

Man in the Ear

Sprinkling Water

Mountain Bogey

Man Bites Ghost

To Catch a Fox

Monster in the Buckwheat

Resident Devils

Planting Pears

Monk of Changqing

Python Attack


The Hail God


A Monk's Sins

Evil Arts

Fox in a Bottle

Zhending Girl

Jiao Ming

Scholar Ye

Forty Thousand

Becoming Immortal

The Bridegroom

The Spirit Officer

Wang Lan

Hawk and Tiger Gods

The Merchant's Son

A Taste for Snake

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