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Volume 3

There are 45 accounts in Volume 3, all listed below. English translations for 14 of them can be read below. A complete translation of all 45 accounts will be made available in Word and PDF formats as soon as the translation is finished.

In the River

Mr Hu


Beggar Monk

Taming Foxes

Dormant Dragon

Su the Immortal

Jinling Girl



Shan the Taoist

White As-Jade

Little Chignon

Western Monks

Old Glutton

Scholar Huo

Shang Sanguan

Yu Jiang


Gong Mengbi

Myna Bird

Liu Haishi

Instructing Ghosts

Clay Devil

Dream Parting

Dog Lantern

Foreign Monks

Fox Concubine

Ah Xia

Li Sijian

Great Master of Five Fleeces

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